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About LA (Load application) soldering method

LALoad Application temperature control method

Soldering iron which can manage of accurate temperature during soldering.

NLA(Non LA) soldering iron

There is a distance between the temperature sensor and the tip point. That is the reason not to detect the exact change in temperature 

● The temperature controller is possible to set the standby temperature, however, it is impossible to confirm the actual temperature during the work.

LA soldering iron

In contrast to NLA soldering iron, the temperature sensor is attached nearby the tip point of tip. Thus we can detect the actual change in temperature on real time.

● The controller shows the actual temperature change on the display while soldering.
● Quick temperature recovery
During soldering, the temperature at the distal end of the tip is changing violently at all times.
Now that the lead-free high melting point progresses, temperature management is "key" of quality assurance.

It is that the cause of soldering defects are not to able to respond to this change in temperature.
LA soldering iron, which can detect the exact temperature during soldering, enable solve many soldering problems.

Benefits of LA soldering iron

Prevention of defects

You can solder in suitable temperature while confirming the exact and accurate temperature shown on the controller display.

Life of the iron tip

By soldering at the optimum temperature of each object,
temperature change and working with excessive high temperature is reduced.Those benefits have contributed to extend the life of the tip. 

Efficiency of solder work

We can solder efficiently by digital display in temperature change, and quick temperature recovery function.

The optimum soldering iron to lead-free

Accurate temperature management can optimize the soldering iron to the increase in the melting point under lead-free condition

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