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Response to environment

We are tackling with environmental problems squarely !

Environmental Policy

1. Concern for the environmental impacts

We will strive to continually improve and reduce the environmental impacts in our business activities.

2. Environmental pollution

Recognising significant impacts of chemical substances on our health, safety and environment, we are committed to preventing environmental pollution from chemical substances.
Furthermore, in order to reduce environmental impacts, we control the amount of the chemical substances used and reduce the amount of discharge of those.

3. Compliance

We will comply with the company standards and all relevant regulatory requirements at home and abroad.


4. Global Warming

 Prevention of global warming is one of the important issues of us. From the viewpoint of the life cycle of products and services, all our company employees, including the representative director and president, will aim at continuous improvement of CO2 reduction.

5. Information disclosure

We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility by communicating with stakeholders positively.

This policy will be disclosed to the outside.


6. Aims and objectives

 In order to realize the environmental policy, we will construct " Environmental objectives and targets " and " Environmental management " , operate them and improve them continuously.  We will promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner. 



ISO9001 : 2015、ISO14001 : 2015 Certificate

We acquire JIS Q 9001 : 2015 ( ISO 9001 : 2015 ) and are aggressively working to
protect the environment of the earth.
We are also JIS Q 14001 : 2015 ( ISO 14001 : 2015 ) certified company.
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