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Privacy Policy

Japan Bonkote pays maximum attention to protect personal information.

Our privacy policy is as shown below.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

When customers request us for our product data or down load operation manual etc., we ask them for personal information.

The personal information we ask for is limited to the information to provide the service on our website.

We may ask customers other questions in addition to necessary information.

Those questions ae not mandatory, and customers have an option to answer.

We use the information we obtained for the following purpose only.

1) For the purpose of answering to the questions about products.

2) For the purpose of improving products or customer service.

3) For the purpose of sending special service or new product information.

Disclosure to the Third Parties

Except for when we obtained consent of the customer to the following, we will not provide or disclose the personal information to the third paties.

1) For the purpose of providing the personal information to the third parties.

2) Contents of the personal information to provide to the third parties.

3) Method to provide the personal information to the third parties.

4) At the request from the customer, we will stop providing personal information to the third parties.

Update of Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy following the revision of the Law to protect personal information.

In that case, we will announce the updated privacy policy on this website.

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